Current Museum Exhibit


There will be more than 70 works on display; and all of them will be available for purchase through the Museum store.

The show will feature the work of:
Barbara Barbour, Rob Bearden, Mike Boggeri
Dave Garcez, Jean Hackamack, Sern Kjellberg
Jack McBride, Edward Mendes, Lorraine Nilson
Alan Richards, Tony Scoble, David Silva
Leo Stutzin, and Virginia White.

See these wonderful photographs at the:

McHenry Museum
1402 I Street
Modesto CA 95354
Tuesday - Sunday: Noon to 4:00 p.m.
Admission is free..

Albion Bridge by Jack McBride
Beautiful Cove by Edward Mendes
Jade Falls by Edward Mendes
Dogwoods and Merced River by Edward Mendes
Mendocino Windows by Jack McBride
San Miguel by Leo Stutzin

Anthropology by Mike Boggeri

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