Jamison and Reedy's Hardware Store

Within the museum there are a county recorders office, a general store and a recreated blacksmith shop using wood and square nails from a century old house. Other exhibits include gold mining paraphernalia, original fire fighting equipment, along exhibits showing what a turn of the century home might have had for furnishings.

The Western Gallery is no long on display but the link to the oil paintings done by Virgil W. “Bill” West will remain. The paintings typify the activities that one would have encountered on cattle ranches of the old west.


School Room
Agricultural Exhibit
Blacksmith Shop
Modesto Memorabilia


Traveling exhibits from the museum are used in conjunction with talks to school children, convalescent facility residents and senior citizens groups.

Periodically a new exhibit is displayed in the Changing Exhibit area. These exhibits have included a series on pioneer families within the county, ethnic and religious groups, as well as exhibits of quilts, local businesses, silver, fans and dolls.

10th and I streets circa 1890

One of the McHenry Museum's chief projects has been to provide a suitable archive for the history of the area. As such it has assembled a first class collection of early photos and documents.

Frequently a new exhibit is displayed in the museum along with slide shows, movies and musical events that are held in the auditorium.

Thanks to countless hours donated by the trained docents, many tours of the museum are held each year.